Ultimate BlackBerry Race ~

20 Sep

Two weeks ago when I saw it from facebook blackberry like page said that there’s a “Ultimate Blackberry Race”. Totally have no any idea what the race about , I’m just like that filled up the application on internet. Although submit application but not 100% guarantee in the race. Blackberry RIM company randomly pick 30 to form the race.

There was a total of 10 teams. 30 participants selected by random draw. 3 participants will team up with 1 celebrity and a media representative to compete in the ultimate BlackBerry race.Participants will need to complete 5 challenges at 5 venues.

Actually didn’t put high expectation !

Last Tuesday morning while I was busy meeting with client suddenly received called – “Hi , I’m Simon Yap from Blackberry RIM and you had been selected to participate the Ultimate Blackberry Race !” My reaction was just – “Ermm , well Ok ! ”

Still I didn’t put any expectation on the race. Just think to have fun.
Saturday , on the race day ! Early morning , started a bit excited.

The race venue at the out bound of The Curve. All the participant gather at Laundry Bar , that was the first time I met my team mate , 1 banker and two celebrity NINI & WILL (No idea they from which channel). Compare with other team , my team look a bit weak but……..actually each of us was awesome !

When the race began , had a clue card and blackberry device , there’s a photo inside need to find out which corner of the curve was it , our second challenged there. Second challenged , there’s 12 cupcakes on table only 1 cupcake inside had a clue card. Randomly pick and ate the cupcake until got it. Some of the team ate 11 cupcake , haha……..I volunteer to be the first person ate cupcake and pick it. The first I pick my luck was so damn~~~ everyone so unbelievable ……..GOT IT ! =P

Third challenged , either put a full water bottle on top of head for 25 second or do some math to count. Sure we choose the easy task bottle on top head , it look easy but actually not…….luckily we able to complete the task. Move on , challenged four require blackbbery device BBM bar code scan to get the next clue – “No Cloth to be wash” obviously laundry bar.

Back to Laundry Bar , final challenged required make a cocktail drink , the formula was set by Laundry Bar manager. There’s another team in front of us , thought we will lose but they unable to make a glass completely same. Who know………. WILL always clubbing(I guess,haha), piece of cake for him , less than a minute a glass of bloody red(Strawberry) cocktail done.

We got 2nd runner up at the end……….. Winner , 1st and 2nd runner up each member got a brand new model Blackberry Curve 3G device and different shopping voucher. Hmmm , not bad !

Overall the race was so excited. I’m thinking to go for audition for next season Amazing Race or Amazing Race Asia.

So now I’ve upgrade from Blackberry Curve 8520 to Curve 9300 3G.
The software is different than previous , it awesome and fast because of 3G.


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