El Cerdo~

16 Sep

El Cerdo ~ A Porkilicious Restaurant

A restaurant that I want to try it long time ago

It’s a restaurant combine with German & Spanish food

Locate at Changkat Bukit Bintang

Let the photo do the talk ~

A lot of piggy decoration every where inside restaurant

The renovation feel like we’re in europe. Haha………

From NOSE to TAIL you can eat !!!

Pork with wine ? Hmmmm , a bit weird I think

So we decide to have draught beer

The food was good , our stomach was so full !

In the coming 1 month we’re going to stop eating pork

It really a porkilicious dinner.

From the first till last dishes.

1. One Plate of 4 different Mini Sausages:
Farmer -Thuringer -German Pepper & Spicy Lyonner Sausage

2. German Crisy Knuckle (It’s big)

3. Paella’s with Iberian Pork Rib (Well , I think so so only, should order with seafood)

There’s one dessert very nice , want to try it . However , stomach unable to fit in anymore.
*Rum & Raisin Pancake Kaiserschmarrn

After had 3 big fat dishes , seriously we need time to digest

Still have 2/3 glass of beer to finish =O

The restaurant was so kind , after meal give everyone a shot digestive drink – Lime juice + vodka

Wow……. pork + beer + vodka ?!?

I’ve to say “I’m not drunk” …….OK !!! =P

Definitely will visit again this restaurant

Looking forward another dish


They have a special way to cut the piglet , not by a knife but is a plate

After that the person need to smash the plate for make a wish , it will bring good luck ! Must try next time…….next time babe !


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